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Bigger Is Better


After speaking to friends and clients during this Thanksgiving week, I see a trend. That trend is towards bigger homes, more versatile spaces, and separate entrances.


The Big House


With the pandemic, people need each other even more.

Please think of the assisted living without being able to visit...they are alone and isolated.

Think of the grandparents who cannot see the kids other than drive-bys or maybe safe outdoor distancing.

Think of the students not at school and college kids not away.

Think of the young couple with the new baby, the furloughed families that may not be able to keep up with family expenses.

Think of all the people who want to be close to relatives.

Think of parents who can help raise the grandkids.

Think of the kids who can help aging parents.




Now think of the big house!



How can you use that big home in times like this?

Bring the family together.

Pool the resources!

If there is a need for assisted living, bring the caretaker in

to also live in the




What if you don't have these kind of family needs?


The extra space with a separate entrance can help defray the costs of caring for the big house.

Rent a space to help not only to help others but to help you pay your mortgage.

Everyone has their talent, specialty, painting, gardening, cooking, cleaning, teaching, music, pet care, etc.

Use this talent to share the home.

Get needed income for your mortgage, for upkeep for luxuries that you may not be able to have when living alone.

 Maybe you can add that home gym,  media room, indoor pool for recreation and therapy, and so many other things that will make this home a joy to share.


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After speaking to friends and clients during this Thanksgiving week, I see a trend. That trend is towards bigger homes, more versatile spaces, and separate entrances. With the pandemic, people need each other even more. Please think of the… more
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