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Bad News...Not So Sure


We just "lost" a house for buyers. But was it a loss?


There were so many concerns with this property, significant concerns that the buyers were willing to take on with eyes wide open.

Lots of research went into helping them decide to take this unusual home in "as is" condition. After a month of research, talking with numerous experts, back and forth negotiating, and giving our final and best offer,  a text from the listing agent this morning read: 

"Can you talk? I don't have good news." 


I don't have good news


My first thought...what is there to talk about if the offer was not accepted?

Another offer came in beating out my buyers.


The listing agent who is also related to the seller was having an emotional time dealing with this property. She wanted my offer to win, but money speaks louder and that I understand. Her text saying I don't have good news

may have been good news after all.

Sometimes things are just not meant to be. And this may be one of them.

Immediately called my buyers to share the outcome: hurt, disappointment, and a few tears. 

Now we pick up the pieces, say NEXT and start our search for that one amazing but right home for this family.

So was that text terrible news?

Maybe not.

Time will tell. Wish me luck in finding the right home for this delightful family!

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