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Not Quite Over


There was a featured post written by Jeff Dowler talking about communication withdrawal...go ahead take a minute to read if you haven't already.  

With several closings in the next couple of weeks, a few more under contract, more active listings, and a few that are coming soon... it is all the different phases of these transactions that are so interesting.

In the beginning, it is doing everything that has to be done to get a home listed or get a buyer qualified. It is all the questions to find out what our buyers and sellers need.

Why are they selling?

Where are they moving ?

What is their time frame?

Do they need to sell before they buy?


Ready to move



And so many other questions to learn as much as possible about the client's needs.

If I don't know what their wishes and dreams is impossible to help.

So involved during each transaction with so many details that go into buying and selling...listing the home, photographing, writing the copy, MLS, advertising, blogging, showings, not to mention all the pre-listing things to get the property ready. 


Buying the right house 


And while doing all these things...the days and months are going by, and we are in contact almost daily either on the phone, emailing, texting, following up with an inspector, contractor, lender, appraiser, title company or answering a question or two.

There are so many parts and pieces of a transaction that we take care of...and at the same time we must stay in touch to answer and guide our clients all the way through. 

It's not as easy as it looks! It's not as hard as it looks!

But it is something that many of us love doing — watching this process from beginning to end. The involvement with our clients is unique.

Emotions can run rampant. After all, there is a disruption in their everyday life! Chaos is around with packing, moving, changing schools, doctors and so many other details to take care of a family that is in the process of a move.

And then there is the final settlement. Everything is perfect! Another buyer another seller moves on!

Take a deep breath.

We did an outstanding job. And now as  Jeff Dowler, CRS  says we have communication withdrawal.



And then it is another day and another client, and we get to do it all over again.

The previous clients are history. 

Or are they? 

Today on my live radio show a past buyer/seller called in to tell me how happy they were in their new home, how much they appreciated my help in selling their home.  They asked if I remembered them.

Remember them but of course!

We were inseparable for six months finding the right condo and then selling their home. 

So glad it wasn't over. I loved the call today.

So very lucky to be doing what I love every day.


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