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How Can We Help With Scamming?


This recent post  opened a whole new meaning on scam. I am receiving calls of how our own industry professionals and our clients are being scammed.



 scam alert


The problem: some of these dishonest, unscrupulous men (so far they have all been male) are preying on women. The ones I am hearing from are in real estate or own property. They are single, recently divorced or widowed.

These men are getting close with them, borrowing money, paying it right back. This gains their trust.

And a little while later they manage to get large sums of money or a hold on their real estate property in various ways. Some have posed as  real estate investers, another wound up married ... her accounts cleaned out and her home lost.

I have helped one client to avoid a scam by giving her some things to look out for.


These are smart (but lonely) women who have been taken…first romantically..then for large financial losses.

The victims are too embarrassed to file a report.  These con artists continue to get away with these crimes, sometimes pitting these women friends against each other. By the time the first one realizes she has been taken, try to warn the others, but it is too late.

These  need to be reported. These are serious crimes and embarrassment should not the deterrent.


Any ideas  how we can help?


Margaret Rome

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This recent post opened a whole new meaning on scam. I am receiving calls of how our own industry professionals and our clients are being scammed. The problem: some of these dishonest, unscrupulous men (so far they have all been male) are… more
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