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Do You Want To Stay Busy

 Everyone involved in real estate seems busy.

Busy with buyers, with sellers, with inspectors, with title companies, with lenders, with HOA's and Condominium documents.

Busy making arrangements to allow the buyers access for measurements, for painters and designers.  Busy watching sellers line up charities, movers, packing materials and families helping make all the many decisions that involve a move.

It's very easy to get caught up with busy.



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Don't forget to go after new listings. Call those sellers who are on the fence about moving. Call your current sellers.

Touch base with those buyers who are just looking.

Busy you want stay that way?


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Comment balloon 23 commentsMargaret Rome, Baltimore Maryland • July 12 2017 02:29AM
Do You Want To Stay Busy
Everyone involved in real estate seems busy. Busy with buyers, with sellers, with inspectors, with title companies, with lenders, with HOA's and Condominium documents. Busy making arrangements to allow the buyers access for measurements, for… more
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