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To Price Or Not To Price

Weekly advertising has been part of my marking since I began in real estate.

The ad below is running this week and one of the few changes made... take all the prices out.

Just for one week...just a little experiment.


Margaret Rome


Will I get calls to find out more about the house?


Will I turn off people by not making it easy to find a price less property?  


When I first started , we were taught not to give too much information. The reason... to encourage the buyers to call us for details.

We were also taught not to give any information until we asked lots of questions and to make sure we had their contact information.

Your thoughts...To Price or Not To Price






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Comment balloon 4 commentsMargaret Rome Baltimore 410-530-2400 • December 16 2017 04:14AM
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Weekly advertising has been part of my marking since I began in real estate. The ad below is running this week and one of the few changes made… take all the prices out. Just for one week… just a little experiment. Will I get calls to find out… more
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