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Thankful For A Day Of Learning


Today I took the day off 

(minus a few calls, emails, scheduling a challenging settlement)

and spent time at RE8 Expo with Ben Kinney.


I was soaking up some some real estate tips like how his team uses systems, achieves balance, accountability, sets goals and works on personal relationships.


 Margaret Rome Ben Kinney



As a solo broker, I am far from the team concept. 

What Ben shares is beneficial to anyone who chooses to listen to things a little differently.

There were some thought provoking questions and quite a few Ah Ha moments. It was an enjoyable day that passed quickly.



Here's a couple of take aways


Make sure each client touch ( phone call, text, visit, marketing) has value. Ben emphasized this by going  around the room giving out money...real bills in various denominations.

Goal setting was explained by how many transactions,  average sales price and commissions are needed for your desired income.


Other topics:

-Why buyers should buy now.

-International real estate

-Pricing using 5-5-5.

-Off  market properties.

-Negotiating to get the right home for the buyer.

-Information, without emotions, is not retained

-GPS Goals, Priorities,Strategies.

-Open House Scripts.


Also met AR members Cheryl Ritchie and John Kleinberg 

That's how I took the day off in Baltimore.


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