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Lee Rome Award 2018

It was an honor and a priviledge to make  the following presentation, today May 31,2018, at Franklin Square Hospital.

From a grateful wife.


Ten years ago I wrote a book. The dedication read.  

''To Lee: I made a wish and you came true”


 Yesterday would have been our 50th Anniversary! 


  17 years ago he got a big diagnosis. His cancer was very rare,

  usually found in extremities of younger people...

not in the abdomen touching every major organ and not in someone his age..

Prognosis nil. No chance of survival.

One of the biggest

 hospitals in world wanted to do radiation and chemo immediately. With such a poor diagnosis why would you put him through this ordeal!!?


It was through the dedication, brilliance, caring, kindness and treatment  of this hospital's family medicine department that we got another 13 years and most of that was quality...real quality of life.


Our orchestra leader, Dr Joyce King, was in charge. Taking 100s if not 1000s of calls from my beautiful husband... and not once making Lee feel like he was a bother. To this day I don’t know how she did it all.

And Dr King even taught my Lee at the age of 80  how to text. Not an easy task. Even though he was a Wharton graduate and CEO, he did not use technology. It was fun watching.


The most amazing part of his ongoing care was the way he was treated first as a person ..not a patient. Whenever  Dr. King saw Lee...she really looked at him. Most doctors walk in the room while reading a history that was given to someone else.


No question that Dr. King had already read the labs, x-rays, scans etc but she asked how he was doing. How was he really doing and she  really wanted to know. Amazing how well she knew her patient.

And she listened!

We had two criteria that gave us his condition. If he was not eating and not watching TV...he was in critical condition. I remember once when he was obstructed...had an NG tube, NPO for nine days...he was a sick cookie and they were talking about emergency surgery. That surgery, in my opinion, would have killed him...since he was not healing from a surgical wound.


And miraculously the obstruction opened up.

I forced some old fashioned prune juice  down a disconnected NG tube. Of course this was without doctors orders. Within minutes...he was hungry and was eating roast beef sandwiches and the TV was on quite loud.

Family medicine was delighted, we celebrated. The surgeon may have been cheated out of a procedure but it was a happy day and Lee was up and ready to go home



During these 13 years we saw a lot of specialists.  When making a list there were 2 dozen including:


Family medicine, Oncology Surgeon, Oncologist,  General surgeon, Orthopedic oncology, Pulmonologist, Cardiologist, Chemo-therapist, Radiologists, Proton Beam, GU, GI surgeon, Renal specialist, Plastic surgeon, Inhalation therapist, Hypobaric Chamber, Wound care and Wound vac, Physical therapy, Psychiatrist, Sleep apnea, Inhalation therapy, Oxygen therapy, Infusion platelets and more.


Like an orchestra leader  Dr. King  was personally in touch with and in tune with each of them! 


There was one time  I felt no one was  seeing my LEE ROME,  they were seeing a sick old man.

I scanned a couple of photos onto my  iPad. They were from our honeymoon.. 50 years ago. I shared the pictures with anyone who came in to the hospital room... doctors nurses, cleaning personnel, food service and visitors. 

The response:

"Oh Mr. Rome, you were a hunk, look how handsome.

There was an immediate, amazing and positive change in his condition.  


This is one of the most important things I can leave you with.

Look at the patient before the illness.

Encourage family photos when they were vibrant, well and happy.


That is what you do under DR. JOYCE KING.

You look at the entire person not just the sick part.

For that I will always be grateful!


Thank you Dr. Joyce King and all the lucky physicians

who have the privilege of emulating this kind of care!


Congratulations to Dr. Jordon Gottchalk, recipient of the

Lee Rome Award.

and to the

Family Medicine Residency Class of 2018


Margaret Rome

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Lee Rome Award 2018
It was an honor and a priviledge to make the following presentation, today May 31, 2018, at Franklin Square Hospital. From a grateful wife. Ten years ago I wrote a book. The dedication read. ''To Lee: I made a wish and you came true” .. more
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