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Caution Online Relationships !



This was inspired by a question from  Francine Viola that got a lot of comments. It was personal about a client/friend who confided her plan to leave her husband for an online "friend".



I had a bit similar situation...only the husband had recently passed away.

My sad and lonely client/friend was infatuated with an on-line relationship.

He convinced her that he wanted to buy a home near her and she wanted my help to find a property.  Of course he was paying cash. I asked for his information and, of course, proof of funds.


I could see the huge flashing CAUTION sign.

Not wanting to burst her bubble since she was already"falling" for this person...


 I gently said: "Has he asked you for any money?

At the time he had not. I asked that she call me right away if he does. It was a very short time later when he started asking for small sums. No question without my warning, she would have sent him the money.



 scam alert Margaret Rome




Amazing when she gave him some excuse why she could not advance him funds...the contact stopped immediately.

I am pretty sure we caught this scammer before any monetary  harm was done.

Emotional that's another story.


Please alert your clients, family, friends. Many do not share these scams because they are embarrased. 

Can we help get the word out?


Margaret Rome

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Caution Online Relationships
This was inspired by a question from Francine Viola that got a lot of comments. It was personal about a client/friend who confided her plan to leave her husband for an online "friend". I had a bit similar situation… only the… more
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