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Richie Alan Naggar is hosting BOAST-A-POST 


This challenge is a winner on its own. It gives us a chance to take someone who has made an impression on us and write about their post. There are so many who have inspired me over the past fourteen years! The tricky part of this challenge was choosing just one. I was not so sure that part was even possible!


In thinking about this challenge, I went back really far to Lenn Harley, who is ActiveRain's first million point achiever.

I was thrilled to be sitting with her at RainCamp when she hit that milestone. It was a huge deal.


Lenn was known as hardcore real estate. She knew her stuff, and she cared for her clients and her agents. If you were lucky enough to get a referral from was always a good one. You didn't get a second chance if you didn't pick up the phone or didn't follow through. 

If you needed advice, this was the perfect person to ask. Lenn told it like it was. The good the bad and the ugly. She could sound pretty tough, especially when it came to any plagiarizing, especially her maps.

On one of our conversations, I asked how do you know when it is time to go on your own? Her answer was direct and straightforward, and it hit home!

Lenn said:

It's when you no longer need your manager or broker.

She later wrote in her post:

"My past experiences and opportunities had led me to a time when. . . . .I could answer all of my own questions!!!

So, I asked myself a question. . . .  "Why do I need to be supervised by a Broker??"

I answered my own question, "I DON'T".  You may be in the same position."




At the time, I was rarely in the office, coming in for meetings, to bring in paperwork and pick up checks. I did not remember the last time I asked for the manager's opinion. It was the manager who would come to me to discuss a RE situation. 

Lenn's advice to me was written later in one of her posts, and this is the one I choose to boast 


When to become your own broker


boast a post


I miss Lenn, her hardcore real estate, and her kindness.


Thank you, Richie Alan Naggar, for hosting this challenge!


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Boast-A-Post The Rome Way
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