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This month's challenge has been about giving kudos to those you admire. This morning I received a video text from a friend of 28 years.

Jay McHugh


His name is Jay McHugh and even though I  know that text was sent to 100s maybe 1000s of people, I watched and I responded:

"What a great video and inspiring message!... I would love to talk to you.  The ducks are motivators." 

That last line you will only understand if you listened to Jay's message.


Within the hour, Jay called and 47 minutes later this amazing member shared his pearls of wisdom. He Margaret Rome'd me.  He is so passionate about his life, his family, his business, and he shares what he's learned with others.

Before I got a chance to thank Jay, he had reblogged the

Bob Stewert Interview of Margaret Rome 


No, he did not send me a card. He did not send me brownies. He found out my passion and followed through.

We all have ways to give kudos.

Thank you Jay McHuge for showing how to really appreciate!



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He Margaret Rome'd Me
This month's challenge has been about giving kudos to those you admire. This morning I received a video text from a friend of 28 years. His name is Jay McHugh and even though I know that text was sent to 100s maybe 1000s of people, I watched… more
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