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What Are They Saying About My New Listing

1149 Linden Ave Margaret Rome

This is what Barbara Todaro said when she saw this listing.

"...what a great opportunity for so many different needs.... those who teach at the college; parents of students who attend the college to avoid dorm charges and earn equity at the same time; not to mention those who want to buy their first home or investment opportunity...."


And this is what the owner had to say:

Read the letter 


''Dear 1149 Linden Avenue,

As a single lady, I wasn’t sure I wanted to own a house, but I’m so glad I started looking for you in the fall of 2007. Only a brick Colonial townhouse would do, convenient to the airport, the MARC train, I-695, and I-95. I really wanted at least three bedrooms, a large living room, hardwood floors, a fenced backyard, no ground rent, private parking, and most importantly – I wanted to hear birds singing when I opened the backdoor. (Even if I had to live close to the city, I still didn’t want to feel like it!) Only Maiden Choice Village in Arbutus fit my list, so I looked at a lot of your neighbors. Some were alright, but after several months I was disappointed and so tired by the hunt. I was starting to think you didn’t exist. Then on December 6, 2007, I saw a listing for 1149 Linden Avenue. It was so new there weren’t even pictures loaded yet. From the description, though, you sounded like a possible match. Could this be? Were you the one I had been waiting for?

I arrived on December 7 for a private viewing, knowing already you were something special, with your topiary bushes and flower garden out front. I opened the lovely front door, and your original, refinished hardwood floors gleamed in the abundant natural light. Your living room was 17-feet wide, which opened off into a separate dining room and an updated tiled kitchen. Upstairs your three bedrooms were nicely sized, with ceiling fans, more beautiful hardwood floors, and more natural light. Your full bathroom was also tiled and updated. In the basement, you further impressed with a cozy media room (or extra bedroom) below grade and a second open airy room with a separate laundry space and a tiled half bathroom. Your backdoor walked out to the fenced grass backyard with a sweet cement patio area and sidewalk to the back gate. Standing at the back gate I looked across the alley and saw the most coveted feature of all in Maiden Choice Village – you had not one, but TWO dedicated rocked parking spaces! Then, as if a final benediction to confirm what my heart already knew, I heard the birds singing from the trees in the wooded area, separating you from UMBC directly behind you. 1149 Linden Ave, you were perfect, and I had found you. Or rather, we had found each other.

Over the next five years, I enjoyed turning you into a dollhouse. I renovated the full bathroom in 2008 to include a garden soaking tub and custom Arts and Crafts tilework from Pewabic Pottery. (Even your tiles reflect 1149!). In 2010 and 2012 I installed new double-hung energy efficient windows throughout and custom window treatments on the main and second floors and renovated the entire basement to be as beautiful as the rest of you. Finally, I added a cute yellow shed to finish the backyard. 1149 Linden, you were perfect – and just in time to host my wedding to the other love of my life. We were wed in your spacious living room on another December day filled with sunlight, grace, and, of course, birdsong.

A short while later, I packed all my belongings and bid you and Baltimore farewell to begin my life with my husband. Still, I just couldn’t say goodbye. You were so beautiful, so relaxing. Rather than sell, we refurnished you and would visit often to take advantage of your proximity to Washington. We even shared you with various friends over the years who, one and all, fell in love with your charm. We speak of you often, and now usually only by your first name. Your character and your presence transcend property; you are truly a member of the family. 1149, I loved you at first sight, and I love you still. But it is because I love you that I can finally let you go. Now it is time for you to bless someone else, and for someone else to love you. You will be fine, 1149.

May your birds always be singing,''


 So proud of my new sellers. When  I suggested a description of their house, the above letter was sent to me before the listing was signed. Hoping to have the photos tomorrow to show off this little beauty.


Margaret Rome



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