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 While interviewing sellers for a possible new listing..yes I said that right, even though they thought they were interviewing me... I was asked a question.

Since I'm a solo broker and I set my own standards, they asked what if something happens to me?

My answer...

"If I get hit by a bus or a beer are out of the contract."

When I visit with a prospective seller, I give them the chance to ask me as many questions as they like about how the RE process works.

Plenty of sellers have sold other houses and have expectations of the agent. Plenty of sellers have interviewed other agents and openly share what they did or did not like about them. I could make a long list of those things..many make me smile... but I may save that for another post. 

The obvious 'how much can you sell my house for'  is not an answer I am willing to share until I know we will be working together. Sellers need to be 100% sure they want to work with me before I give that information.

After the commitment is made...I will know the seller's " in their pocket bottom line" and I can figure out if their number is realistic.  Most of the time much of my interview is done over the phone before I see the house. Obtaining information about the house, reasons for selling, and what their time frame for moving is known prior to seeing the house.

Today these folks are not ready to list. There is a lot to be either touched up, removed and cleaned out. I'll keep you posted whether this will be a new listing or not.

But if I get hit by a bus they are out of the contract.


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Comment balloon 18 commentsMargaret Rome, Baltimore Maryland • January 11 2019 02:01AM
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