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It Is OK To Hang Up On Them



When I get a phone call that is a telemarketer or other solicitor, I am as polite as possible. but after a  No Thanks, Not interested... enough is enough.  I just hang up.



The good thing they will never get through to me again.


I make a new contact in my phone and label it SPAM

Never again do I take that call.

I know a lot of you don't take numbers not familiar to you.

I am not looking to lose potential buyers and sellers.





Spam               Scamming Alert




To most of us it is just an annoyance but speaking with an elderly person this week, I found out she received one of these calls that turned out to be a scam !

She won the lottery or some other sweepstakes. The person was very convincing and she only needed to send a $10,000 check to redeem the million dollar prize. And she did!

 Thank goodness, she told her good friend, a financial adviser.  

There was a hold on the check in time for it to be stopped.


This happens to many of our classic clients but we don't hear about it because they are too embarrassed or ashamed to share it with others.

Hard to admit they were taken.


How can we help these naive unsuspecting people?


To us it is just an inconvenience to others it is a way to lose big time.

Would love to  hear your suggestions on how we can educate the public.



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