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It's the middle of October and time to advertise like you mean it.



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Building inventory now is for the buyers who will be ready in November and December. Yes, there are people who need to buy before the end of the year, before the next semester and they want to be in the new home for the holidays.   What does your marketing look like now?

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Comment balloon 4 commentsMargaret Rome, Baltimore Maryland • October 18 2018 02:12AM
Advertise Like You Mean it
It's the middle of October and time to advertise like you mean it. Building inventory now is for the buyers who will be ready in November and December. Yes, there are people who need to buy before the end of the year, before the next… more
Wrecker's Ball Was A Ball - Dressing Construction Chic
What does one expect when the invitation reads Wrecker's Ball Dress Code ''Construction Chic? '' How can that not be fun? Andrea Bedard and I attended last night. Not only did we meet a lot of very interesting people who, like us, support… more
Will You Be Attending The Fair?
Greater Baltimore Board Of Realtors® is celebrating 160 years! The annual Realtor Fair is Thursday, October 18th! Martins West 6817 Dogwood Rd. Baltimore, Md 21244 and it is very close to my new listing. Enjoy a full day of Continuing Education… more
Quick iPhone Photo For New Listing
It's just an iPhone snapshot until the professional photographer arrives later this week. But it is good enough to tell you about this adorable rancher built on a slab and that means absolutely no steps. Everything is so convenient on one level… more
Who Would Buy The Most Expensive House?
Who would buy the most expensive house in the town? Many years ago I had a luxury home in a prime neighborhood with all the bells and whistles. It may have been the most expensive listing in the Baltimore area at the time. There was a high… more
Wreckers Ball Is Saturday October 13 th.
Looking forward to the Wreckers Ball next Saturday, October 13, 2018. Can't wait to meet everyone, check out the event and see all the construction chic outfits. Second Chance's mission is to provide people, materials and our environment… more
Showy or Understated What Kind of House
Some want to show off. Some want subtlety. There are many kinds of buyers and sellers. A few years ago one of my clients was looking for an impressive, make a statement house. He wanted a property that could be seen by many, visible to the… more
October Is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month
The Maryland SPCA is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of animals in Baltimore and the surrounding area. There is a multitude of programs and services for pet owners, in addition to adoption and lost pets services. Click here to find… more
Why People Buy And Sell?
People are at different stages of buying and selling. And it can be confusing and stressful… just like the picture above. Timing is everything. Here are a half-dozen examples of buyers and sellers in my market right now. 1- Selling a home and… more
Plan Thanksgiving In Your New Home
Not Too Soon For Thanksgiving If you bought in the next couple of weeks, you could plan Thanksgiving dinner in your new home! Think about writing a contract with a 45-day settlement. Just in time for that big wonderful turkey and all the… more