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Contests Questions Fun Stuff ...WHY?


For those of us who have been on ActiveRain for over 10 years, we have seen so many contests. Some are fun, some are informative, some teach a new skill, some help make connections, some get the newer members involved, some inspire us, some encourage, some are all about real estate and others are personal.

For each kind of contest there will be members who love the challenge and write some wonderful articles.

These are not for everyone. If you don't like contests, or Q&A or fun posts,  just skip even looking at these sections which can be found at the  bottom of the screen.

No different than not liking a post or disagreeing with a point of view on open houses, advertising and lock boxes.

You can always write your own post with your own opinion.


But there are many members who give so much time and effort to bring us new ideas to keep our content fresh. These outstanding professionals are always looking for ways to make the site better. No way am I  going  to mention anyone in particular.

Think about who has made an impact on you with a post, a specific topic, technology, a new selling technique, photography, answering a question, taking a different point of view, handling objections, how to make changes business or personal or just wrote something that hit a chord and made you say WOW !

From being on ActiveRain, here are a few things that I have accomplished,  through inspiration gained, over this past decade.

Daily blogging

Writing a book

Going solo with HomeRome

Hosting my own radio show

Mentoring other agents.

Selling very unique homes.


Contests  Questions Fun Stuff ...WHY?


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Comment balloon 42 commentsMargaret Rome, Baltimore Maryland • August 05 2017 05:37PM
Contests Questions Fun Stuff.. WHY?
For those of us who have been on ActiveRain for over 10 years, we have seen so many contests. Some are fun, some are informative, some teach a new skill, some help make connections, some get the newer members involved, some inspire us, some… more
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