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 Does your agent have detective ways of finding the right buyer?


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The term DOM (days on  market) may be used by real estate professionals to guide a buyer how and when to make an offer.

But many very unique homes are buyer specific such as farms, contemporaries, homes built in the 1800's, Deck Homes, ranchers without basements and historic properties.  If you have been following me you know I specialize in  Unusual Houses



 Days On Market can be much longer for unusual, unique and one of a kind homes.

Marketing and patience is needed to find that one buyer who is going to love your home?  Can you handle hearing comments like "what's wrong with the house" or  "do you think it will appraise" ?

Owning and loving these special homes takes patience both emotional and financial when it is time to sell. Do you have this kind of patience and time to find the right buyer.

Owners of these special properties put their homes up before they are planning to move. They know it can be a long time to find that one right buyer. Not only does the owner need this kind of patience but so does the Realtor®

If you own a very unique property, choose your agent wisely.  Be careful about an agent whose only solution is  "drop the price" until it is sold.

I have been the 2nd or 3rd agent and have felt the property was under priced...another reason to hear ''something  must be wrong".

I am not talking about similar homes in the same area but rather  'one of a kind' unique properties. Make sure your agent can draw the very special buyer to your property which is not a Clone-onial.


Does your agent have detective ways of finding the right buyer?




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