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Three Goals... The Rome Way


The January contest is to pick three goals to pursue this year that are important me.



1. Specializing in unique properties

2. My daily blogging

3. My live radio show.




Commitment to unique homes. 


Unique homes Margaret Rome


I plan to go out to see a lot of these homes...the more unusual the better. I want to see these properties even if I'm not ready to list them. I want to see them if they are not planning to sell.

Just recently  met  home owners with a fabulous home... not ready to sell. However they reminded me that almost "everything is for sale at the right price."

Unique homes appeal to a different group of buyers.  Are you looking for something special...not a cookie cutter or cloneonial

For me...the more unique the property..the more exciting.

Buyers may not be able to describe the home they are looking for but they absolutely know when they find it. Unique homes tend to be on the market longer. They are waiting for the right buyer. They are not for everyone. Clients tell me...they knew it was the right place from the beginning...sort of love at first sight.

I love selling these homes with loads of personality. The most interesting people gravitate to these wonderfully special properties.

I want to know about them for my unique buyers.  I want to have sellers and  buyers, who want a unique continue to think of me first!



Commitment to my weekly Radio show.


Margaret Rome Radio


Continue my track record. In 4 years, I've missed only one show. That's 52 weeks for the past four years!

I am always looking for new ways to make the weekly show interesting to the listening audience while promoting my active listings and getting new and unique properties to represent. I plan to have more of my clients as guests so we can talk about real live transactions.

If you  have an idea for the show, let me know.

Do you  have a topic or passion you would like to discuss?



Commitment to my daily blogging.




 I have blogged since 2006 and when someone asks me if blogging works I give them this answer.



The combination of these three... blogging, unique properties and my live radio show will continue to keep my pipeline full while I continue to enjoy this fabulous real estate career.


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The January contest is to pick three goals to pursue this year that are important me. 1. Specializing in unique properties 2. My daily blogging 3. My live radio show. Commitment to unique homes. I plan to go out to see a lot of… more
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