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A Jump On The Spring Season


A call this week from a home owner with the good news "We are definitely using you as our agent to sell our Baltimore house." 

That is a nice way to start a conversation! 

They continued by saying....'' We know that February is a terrible time to sell and we will be waiting until Spring." 

Whoa...says who?

I have made this statement before:

'The best time to sell is when you and your house are ready. ' 


Then I ask: 'what are you plans?'


They  just purchased a home in California that won't be available until June. So okay they have some time.


what if there is a prospective buyer who needs to sell before they purchase. This probably is not for a first time buyer.

There may not be so much time.

My meeting with them is set for next week and my suggestion... Let's get the house ready.

Let's let potential buyers know it is available this summer. Let's let buyers know we need an extended settlement or possibly a rent back. Let's let buyers know we may consider a contingent contract. 

Let's not wait until the summer to list this house.

Let's get a jump on the spring season.



Real estate olympics 



I am calling sellers who are thinking about  selling or are on the fence about when to sell.

They are also getting their homes in condition for the Spring.

I am referring them to my landscapers, cleaning companies, plumbers and other contractors to get them ready.

It is also wonderful for my vendors who may be a bit slower at this time of year.

This is not the time to sit around and wait for the rush of Spring.

This is the time to be getting in shape for the big games.

Think of this time as the Olympics of the real estate selling season.


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