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Questions To Ask Before Buying A Condo


If you are planning to move into a condo, coop or community with an HOA..make sure you know the rules. Make sure you read the documents. Some even have both..a condo and a home owners association. 


Know what the community allows. Talk to neighbors who live there, find out who is on the board. Figure out a way to get the minutes of recent meetings or even ask IF you can attend a meeting PRIOR to purchase.


Please read the documents, ask questions, have an attorney review.

Talk to several people who have lived in the community for awhile.


Find out if you can:

Plant flowers or bushes

Paint the color of your door



Ask about pets.

Here are some of the pet restrictions:

Absolutely no pets

Breed type or weight restriction.

Some may only allow one cat.

Do you have a service animal or an Emotional Support Animal? 



Find out the  delinquency rate, percentage of renters and the reserve fund.   It is also important to check any lawsuits or litigation going on with the HOA as well. *

What if you need a new roof. Is there an assessment or one being discussed? 

Can you grill on your patio or balcony?

Is this an age restricted development?



What are the fees, the frequency and what do they cover.

Ask about:

 Utilities, water, cable, parking, front desk service, security, pool, tennis, clubhouse, social activities, meeting room, party room, guest room, extra storage, help with groceries/packages, answering service and more. Do you control the heat and AC? 


Check on move in times..elevator has to be reserved.

How about repairs? Renovating? What hours can you have contractors. Does the building have an on-site manager? A repair person for minor maintenance?

Who covers the furnace/AC? the space deeded, assigned and for how many cars? Can you rent another space. Can you rent your space if not needed? If no there a dedicated space for you. Where do guests park? What if you have a 2nd car?


With any property... ask lots of questions.

Find out as much as you can BEFORE you buy and move in.



If you have questions about

CONDOs, HOAs, COOPs  or any home

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