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A few months ago there was a  Post by Buzz Mackintosh..'Multi-generational house plans are extremely popular in today's real estate market and the main reason is the rapid rate of retiring baby boomers." 

Grandparents move in to look after their grandchildren, older relative move in to be cared for to eliminate the expense of retirement communities or nursing homes or a young adult child returns home after college.


In a recent post about co-ownership  

I spoke about sharing a home with friends who may travel together but Buzz has brought the extended family into focus. He goes on to say. that  50 million are living this way.


These same homes that are good for co-ownership can also be for Multi-generations. Take a look at a few of my listings.


 Bixler Church Rd

 3656 Bixler Church Road

MLS #CR10245801

Bixler Church Rd Margaret Rome



Baltimore County

Towson 21204

MLS BC10300114

7 Barranco Court

7 Barranco Rd Margaret Rome



  5 level townhouse in Canton

1102 S Clinton Street 21224


MLS BA 10105861

Conton 5 level town house Margaret Rome





Timberfield sitting on three acres that could be divided for a second or third home

MLS BC10111860

3202 Timberfield Rd Margaret Rome



 Do you need a property that could be used for either co-ownership or for

multi-generational families?


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Unique Homes For Sale In Baltimore
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