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  'It's about closure.' received this comment from James Dray 

"Morning, Margaret. Any home that we have owned is (for me), just a roof over my head. I work on where I'll be when I take my last breath. That will be my forever home. "


And my response:

" I have sellers say the same thing but are surprised by their reaction. You, my friend, have just inspired my next post."



Many years ago, I suggested that my sellers take some time to say goodbye to their house.  It was his first home for about a number of years he had recently gotten married.

Later in the week, I received a call from his wife; he was crying like a baby, overcome with emotion. She understood, but he was shocked at his reaction!

Going around saying goodbye to each room, remembering the good times and the not so good times was a bit overwhelming.

Some say your house is only sticks and bricks, it is a structure that shelters you, it is not human, and it’s silly to give the house that much power.

  I have heard it all when I make this suggestion, and I have listened to all kinds of responses.  One seller said: “ Stick to real estate, I don’t need a shrink."

But it is not unusual to have someone become emotional as the memories come flooding back. Of course, my female clients are more likely to share their feelings, but they also share the reaction of their partners. 

It's not just sticks and bricks!


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Sticks And Bricks
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