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It's OK To Screw Up


"Successful people know the only way we learn is by doing - which means we're going to screw something up along the way."

Convincing ourselves, we can read enough books, listen to enough podcasts, sit in enough classes, to learn it all first will do nothing but keep us stuck right where we are.
The way to get smart is to try new things, new ideas, as long as you continue learning from your mistakes.



 Learn from mistakes Margaret Rome


Please don't wait until everything is perfect to start doing.

You can't learn it all; you can't take every class, master every bit of technology, read every RE article, memorize every script, absorb every word from gurus that you strive to emulate, and expect perfection.

It ain't going to happen!


But you can have the confidence and use a bit of chutzpah to try your ideas, your techniques even before they are perfect.

And should they bomb, hopefully, you've learned something. And if it works, incorporate the design and then improve upon it.

Use the mistake as a stepping stone. Only you define your success!

You don't have to wait for the world to approve. When you have an idea, go for it!

It's okay to screw up if it turns into a learning experience.

I ask: What have you screwed up lately? What have you learned?

Btw this post was inspired by my friend Jasen Edwards.


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It's OK To Screw Up
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